Travel Insurance Week

Monday 10th october - Sunday 16th october


"If you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel"

- Julie Bishop

Travelling without travel insurance is a risk that a significant proportion of travellers are prepared to take.

But they may not be fully aware of the repercussions of such a decision.

Top 4 reasons travellers travel without travel insurance

  1. They don’t know they should buy it.....

  2. Think they don’t need travel insurance

  3. Simply forget to buy insurance at all

  4. Buy insurance with inadequate cover

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Travel Insurance Awareness Week

Monday 25th November - Sunday 1st December

Awareness week was launched to spread the word and educate all travellers about the importance of travel insurance when travelling. In particular, international travel, where emergency assistance can provide invaluable support in a serious situation and the policy can cover the significant costs to avoid a financially crippling event.

Travel Insurance Awareness Week Goals

  1. Raise awareness of the importance of travel insurance when travelling, especially for international travel.

  2. Educate travellers about all the ins and outs of travel insurance and how to choose a policy that's right for your trip.

  3. Promote safe and healthy travel to reduce both the frequency and severity of incidences.


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