Travel safe

Whilst having a good time, ticking off bucket list items, relaxing and creating lifelong memories are all priorities when travelling, they should be secondary. The number one goal when travelling should be:

Travel Safe - Get you & your fellow travellers home safe!

Things can and do go wrong on holidays. Some incidences can be avoidable by being more prepared and more alert whilst travelling.

Other incidents are complete accidents and unavoidable. But your actions after an event occurs can make all the difference in the severity of the incident at the time and long term.

To come home safe, one needs to increase their preparedness so you can better manage or avoid negative incidences.

Top 10 'Travel Safe' Tips

  1. Women - Carry your handbag in front of you and on the opposite shoulder to the street to avoid a bag snatcher on a motorbike.
  2. Men - Put your wallets in a money belt or your front pocket of your pants, never your back pocket.
  3. Split your cash, credit cards, travel cards up between your wallet, money belt, day pack, suitcase etc so if something does get lost or stolen, you don't lose all your money.
  4. If you can, put all your luggage in the back seat of the taxi with you and not in the boot. It is common for a taxi driver to drive off unintentionally or otherwise with someone's suitcase.
  5. Wear a seat belt in any motor vehicle. If the vehicle doesn't have one, seek alternative transport.
  6. Try and arrive in daytime hours. Landing at an airport at 2am and trying to find your way to your hotel in the middle of the night in a foreign country is increasing your risk of something going wrong.
  7. Stay in tourist or central locations, especially if travelling alone. It will be easier to navigate to most of the things you want to see and will generally keep you away from the less friendly neighbourhoods.
  8. Wear appropriate footwear. Flat soled, non slip shoes such as runners, joggers, sand shoes, hiking boots are all good options to be walking around in all day and on uneven surfaces.
  9. Concentrate on what you are doing, obey the signs and use handrails. Uneven footpaths and construction sites can be commonplace in many countries and as you get tired and are looking around, trips and falls do happen resulting in broken ankles and hips.
  10. Remain in control and look after your travel companions. We all get a bit excited on a holiday, so keep yourself in check, make sure you don't party to a point you can't make the right decisions. If you think your travel buddies aren't making the right decision, speak up before it's too late and take them home when you think they've had enough for one night.


  1. Only drink bottled water.
  2. Brush your teeth with bottled water.
  3. Avoid ice cubes.
  4. Keep your fluids up and stay hydrated, especially in hot environments and when you are doing more walking than normal.
  5. Eat fruits like bananas and oranges that are peeled and avoid fruits like apples and grapes that may have been washed in water.
  6. Avoid street food, it may look good and might be popular, but you haven't grown up on it like the locals.
  7. Eat in reputable and popular restaurants.
  8. As tempting as all the delicious and exotic food is, don't overeat.
  9. Only drink a drink if a barman makes it in front of you and avoid the local spirits or concoctions.
  10. Don't accept drinks from strangers and if you leave your drink unattended for any reason, don't drink it, get your self another one.